Garden concrete

The lawn is not in good shape. Years of poor management – mostly my fault due to insufficiently frequent lawn moaning – have left it in a sorry state. This year, under the “Golden Age of Horticulture” banner I had hoped to improve the situation, but the almost biblical drought has put paid to that. Frequent lawn moaning only helps if there is enough water for the grass to sprout new blades as a result and with a lawn the

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Horticulture update

It is a few weeks since I last commented on gardening activity. Vegetable efforts continue and the big success has been the lettuce in pots which we bought as baby plants. These are doing well and provide plenty of leaves via the trusted “Cut and come again” method. You will not in the photo the automatic watering system. This sort of works, but it is leaks somewhat and I can’t get the coverage to be very even. I have some

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A garden friend

Today, as part of the Golden Age of Horticulture, I was clearing an area at the back of the garden when I met a local resident! I am absolutely delighted to have a toad in the garden as they are well known for eating slugs. I must make sure that I leave some cover for him/her to live in. We don’t have a pond so I’m not sure where any toads might be spawning.

An unexpected discovery

Can I start by stressing that this is not an April Fools joke! Today, as part of the new Golden Age of Horticulture, I made a start on weeding the area under the flowering currants. There were quite a few weeds including some small nettles and a number of brambles. When I dug out one of the larger brambles I as surprised to unearth something man made. I started to dig and it became clear that it was a plastic

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A Golden Age of Horticulture

There is no doubt that Covid-19 is a terrible thing, but as always there is a silver lining to be found. Being confined to home everyday, coupled with excellent weather since working from home became mandatory, has allowed me to spend far more time in the garden than is my custom and as a result I feel that we can expect great things from the garden this year. A key task is to remove the numerous piles of branches which

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