Once upon a time, there was a hamster called Hatty. She liked to have fun, she loved food and she yearned for freedom. Hence, when starting a website in her name, we picked these things to represent her. Hatty has since passed away, but her motto, “Fun, food and freedom”, lives on as the name of this website.

Despite being a small family, our interests cover a wide range of topics, which all find their way onto this website.

Mum mostly posts about Russian culture, as well as British culture from a Russian perspective. She makes a lot of quizzes about this, both in English and Russian. She also posts translations of Russian proverbs and riddles.

Dad posts about our holidays, as well as any projects he is working on (fixing the cars, gardening, electronics, model railways, etc). He also updates the “Covid Walks” page.

Sophia… doesn’t really post anything, apart from helping Mum with the Russian proverbs and riddles. There are some old posts of hers on here, but she doesn’t recommend them. However, she may post in future! You never know.

Welcome to the website!