Comet Neowise

Last night I went out to try to see the comet. I drove a couple of miles north of Salisbury to a lay-by on high ground with a clear view to the north. A couple of other people had had the same idea, but it wasn’t too busy. Fortunately, there was very little cloud and once it got dark enough (about 2030) and I was looking in the right direction (about 2300) it wasn’t too hard to see. With the

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Camera repaired

A few months ago my camera started to develop an annoying fault whereby the first few shots after switching on were completely back (or at least very significantly underexposed). This became more common until it was nearly impossible to take photos. I checked online and quickly discovered that this is a known problem on Pentax cameras made a few years ago (mine is about four years old). The problem is known as “aperture block” and you can read about it

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Roses are red…

On our way to visit Dad’s parents, we stopped to lunch on the A43 at the “Sign of the Purple Chicken“.  The gents contained a most curious home-made sink which has apparently caused confusion for previous visitors and necessitated the creation of an entertaining piece of verse (see photo).

MoT at last

Following the problem with the used wing mirror I bought a new third party one.  For some loony reason it didn’t come with a mirror glass, but fortunately I could use the old one.  After a great deal of pain I managed to screw it on and re-fit the door panel and now I have an MoT. I mentioned the concern other places had had about the exhaust fault to the MoT people and they were most dismissive.  I think

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Helsinki Trip – Day 2

For the second day of our trip Monika suggested that we visit the Finnish National Library.  This was not a destination we would normally have selected, but it was really a very interesting and recently restored building. The first room you enter has a magnificent dome surrounding which are beautifully decorated arches.  Through a door is a three storey reading room. In the central tower Monika found a heavy read… …but Sophia found something rather lighter. Whilst Marina went back

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2011 Trip – Day 4

Distance Average Speed Max Speed 30.4 km 9.1 km/h 24.4 km/h In the morning I saw an animal walking across the lake.  I speculated that it might be a fox and Timo later confirmed that this was the most likely. I managed to leave Kÿlkeinen by 0930, but attempts to go South across Hämeenvaara proved impossible.  Eventually I returned to the kennels and dumped my bag.  I then headed to Jänisvaara for lunch and at about 1500 drove North to

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