Russian Riddle of the Day 4

Readers with exceptional memory will be on the edge of their seats to know the answer to the last Russian Riddle of the Day from 2018. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: The Onion! As for this year’s first (hopefully not only) riddle, try your hand at this: A blushing young beauty sits in a dungeon with only her plait visible. Clue: those thinking Rapunzel have got the wrong idea: it is something much more down to earth 😉

Russian Proverb and Riddle of the Day 1

When a Russian Mum tries hard to teach her English family something about the Russian psyche, it often comes to trying painstakingly to render Russian sayings, proverbs, film quotes etc. into English. It is never enough just to translate it, though, because they never make sense just like that. Look for yourself: Here is a riddle: What has two ends, two rings and a nail in the middle? (The correct answer will follow in due course.) and here is a

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