A Golden Age of Horticulture

There is no doubt that Covid-19 is a terrible thing, but as always there is a silver lining to be found. Being confined to home everyday, coupled with excellent weather since working from home became mandatory, has allowed me to spend far more time in the garden than is my custom and as a result I feel that we can expect great things from the garden this year.

A key task is to remove the numerous piles of branches which clutter the entire garden. They not only look unsightly, but all weeds to flourish beneath and bugs and pests to hide. I have therefore made a big effort at the back of the garden to create a tidier environment. The dogwood has been pruned for the first time in at least two or possibly three years and a start made on pulling up the vast swathes of ivy.

I have then been breaking up the cut tree branches, pushing them through my trusty garden gnosher and spreading the resulting chippings as mulch around the base of the now cleared dogwood.

  • Dogwood pruned, ivy cleared, mulching started

On the “Grow Your Own” front numerous seeds have been sown in pots and trays in the conservatory. Many of these are well beyond their use-by dates so it remains to be seen if any will germinate. Outdoors, the raspberries have been tidied and tied up to supports on the fence.

I am also determined to take advantage of the extra time to moan at the lawn much more frequently. Reading my lawn care book it is clear that I have been making the common and fatal mistake of not cutting frequently enough and cutting too short when I do. I have resolved to cut at least once per week and not lower the blades too far. We will see if it helps to improve the currently rather threadbare lawn.