Russian Riddle of the Day 4

Readers with exceptional memory will be on the edge of their seats to know the answer to the last Russian Riddle of the Day from 2018. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: The Onion! As for this year’s first (hopefully not only) riddle, try your hand at this: A blushing young beauty sits in a dungeon with only her plait visible. Clue: those thinking Rapunzel have got the wrong idea: it is something much more down to earth 😉

2019 Trip – Day 7

Distance Average Speed Max Speed 46.9 km 11.4 km/h 34.7 km/h A very warm day up to 3 degrees above freezing. Equipment started to get wet and the “English snow” repeatedly clogged the brake. Managed to get away by 10:30 and after a great deal of pondering decided to see if I could explore the western half of the north swamps and then follow the trail across the other side of the main trail around Parkavaara.  As it turned out

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