An unexpected discovery

Can I start by stressing that this is not an April Fools joke!

Today, as part of the new Golden Age of Horticulture, I made a start on weeding the area under the flowering currants. There were quite a few weeds including some small nettles and a number of brambles.

When I dug out one of the larger brambles I as surprised to unearth something man made. I started to dig and it became clear that it was a plastic handle on the end of a metal pole lying just below the surface. Imagining it to be part of some long lost garden tool I continued digging and was amazed to discover that it was in fact a…..Pogo Stick!!

  • Site of Pogo Stick discovery (highlighted)

The stick is definitely not ours as we have never owned one so it must have belonged to the previous occupants. This means that it has been in the ground for at least 11 years and probably longer because when they moved out their eldest child was in sixth form.

Sadly, the handle broke as I was removing it which is not surprising as it was rather rusty. Also, the bounce mechanism seems to be jammed.

As you can see, it was close to the edge of the lawn, so it must have already been partly obscured by the time we arrived.

I wonder what else lies buried in the garden. Perhaps I should invest in or make a metal detector.