It’s down!

At last! After months of knee breaking effort the new wooden floor is down. It is one continuous area covering the living room, hall and dining room made of 3mm walnut engineered wood. It replaces some truly awful and very badly installed laminate flooring which has been there since we moved in.

The planks are all glued down to the concrete floor using slotted underlay. Mostly it went down fairly easily although it was difficult stopping the glue going everywhere. We discovered that even if the glue was wiped off the surface straight away it still leaves a small stain. We had to remove some chipped concrete at the threshold between the dining room and hall and then replace it with some screed.

There are still a few edging pieces to put down but the job is now basically complete.

The large fitted wooden bookshelves in the living room have also been removed to make more room for the TV and the room has been re-decorated.

Now that the floor is down we have been able to assemble the new Ikea cupboard for the dining room and fill them up with a variety of items including many of the books evicted from the living room.