2019 Trip – Day 6

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
43.1 km 10.1 km/h 25.6 km/h

An even warmer day with some snow and sometimes above freezing.  Got away from Kylkeinan at about 11:15 and tried to make my way towards Lohilampi.  I had already heard from Milla that it wasn’t possible to cross this year due to concerns about ice state, but thought it would be nice to visit the general area.  One trickiness was trying to avoid ending up on the Tilsa road and I ended up crossing it just next to Tilsa and ending up back on the Tilsa snow mobile trail.

I followed the trail as yesterday, but went on past the swamp turning.  The trail became very soft and has clearly been little used.  I followed the snow mobile trail north and then turned south on the road that passes Lohilampi.  As predicted there was no trail across the lake.  I then went past the top of the Tilsa canyon and along the Koivuvaara road until I could turn north at the same place as on Tuesday.  From these it was a short drive to Jänisvaara to take lunch and drop my bags.

After lunch I drove over to the main trail and after a brief excursion in wood cutter tracks on the other side turned north hoping to reach the north swamp trails.  This northern part of the main trail was softer than I have ever known it.  It became almost impassable north of the junction with the north cross road to the power lines so I turned east along it and then found the southern entrance to the swamp trails.  I followed these round to the east to the eagle’s nest junction and then followed the power lines back to Jänisvaara which I reached at about 17:00.