2019 Trip – Day 7

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
46.9 km 11.4 km/h 34.7 km/h

A very warm day up to 3 degrees above freezing. Equipment started to get wet and the “English snow” repeatedly clogged the brake.

Managed to get away by 10:30 and after a great deal of pondering decided to see if I could explore the western half of the north swamps and then follow the trail across the other side of the main trail around Parkavaara.  As it turned out this was a good idea.

I started by searching near the power lines for the other end of a trail which I had seen joining the northern cross road.  I spotted the entrance and it was not somewhere I had been before.  I passed an old abandoned shed and ended up where I had hoped.  Once on the swamps I managed to find the trail heading east and reached the main trail.  This was passable northwards and I reached the end of the Parkavaara trail which – whilst clearly not driven for some time – was passable.  I followed the trail all the way to the logger’s entrance road.  Fortunately the recent snow meant it wasn’t quite as terrifying as the Tilsa road had been.  In addition, careful sweeping had made it easy to turn north onto the main trail.

Spotting a track to the left I followed and and discovered that it went back to the train I had been on at the lake popular with ice hole fishermen.  I shall try to remember this route as it will be useful in future.  I went back round via the road to the main trail and hence to Jänisvaara where I had lunch.

Now with a heavier sled I drove across the swamps to the snow mobile trail.  On the way I passed Jossi with three guests having lunch.  I presumed they were his overnight group.  I turned right down the snow mobile trail and made my way to Tilsa via the canyon.  After a quick slug of juice I followed the recently opened trail along the base of Ramavaara before turning north and taking a straight forward route back to the kennels via the lake crossing.

I then returned all my equipment, paid and was given a lift to the hotel.

Items left at farm this year:

  • Twelve AA batteries (3 packs of 4)
  • Simpson patent leash
  • Knife
  • Wrist compass