2019 Trip – Day 5

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
42.1 km 11.2 km/h 24.7 km/h

I was collected from the hotel at 1100 with a Dutch day trip group.  They left first and I got away at about 1230.  The weather was warmer with snow and some strong winds.

Dog Change – Amber replaced by Foxy.

I drove to Tilsa doing my best to avoid the swept Tilsa road.  This involved a roundabout route including the usual hair raising descent of the Tilsa canyon.

Whilst I was at Tilsa I met Juuso who said that he would open the swamp and  Hameenvaara route from the Tilsa snow mobile trail over to Kylkeinan for me.

The Tilsa snow mobile trail was soft even after Juuso had opened it and clearly had been little used.  The open areas across the swamps were barely visible despite having been opened only two hours earlier.  Fortunately, the dogs were able to find their way and I arrived at Kylkeinan at about 1800.