Rome 2018 – Day 3

Today we decided to go to what we hoped would be the relative calm of Villa Borghese.  The Metro was miraculously and without explanation working again so we were soon at Piazza del Popolo.  This magnificent square was marred by two elderly gentlemen who were clearly fans of rock and roll and also the worst buskers we had ever heard.  It seems likely that even Dad could have sung better.

We then went into the Villa Borghese park and had lunch at a cafe.  Despite there being many people in the park, its huge size meant that it didn’t feel crowded.

It took quite a while to walk all the way through the park to the gallery where we discovered that we should have booked weeks ago!  So, instead we went to the Etruscan museum at Villa Giulia which turned out to be excellent (at least if you like Etruscan stuff and Dad does) and only eight Euros and free for children.  Dad didn’t have nearly enough time and needs to go back for a day or so.  He also made a mental note to visit some of the Etruscan sites from which many of the exhibits had been excavated.

After a stroll back through the park and an ice cream we returned via a rather more crowded metro.