Rome 2018 – Day 4

Today we decided to try and look at the area near the river.  We took a bus to the circus maximus and then walked over to the river.  Since it  was nearly lunch time we tried to find somewhere to eat in the Trastovere district but this proved quite tricky as most had only average Trip Advisor ratings.  Eventually we located somewhere suitable, but then there was confusion about the order and they only brought one lasagne instead of two.

After lunch, we spent some time admiring the splendid interior of Santa Maria in Trastevere.  We then decided that it was best to split up and allow Dad to concentrate on studying historic sites listed in the guide book whilst Mum and Sophia wandered around in a more free-form fashion.  Dad was particularly taken with the Teatro Marcello and spent some time admiring it.

The return to the flat took longer than we had hoped as we couldn’t find the return bus stop.  In the end Sophia discovered that we could use the tram.