Rome 2018 – Day 2

Gosh it’s crowded here!  This morning (after a relaxed start) we spent in surveying the local area, buying week long bus/tram tickets and visiting the supermarket.

After lunch at the flat, Mum decided that she wanted to check out the Trevi Fountain and deduced that our best plan was to take the metro.  Unfortunately, when we got to the metro station it was mysteriously closed with no signs in any language to indicate why.  At the time of writing this remains a mystery.

We then waited a very long time for a bus.  We got off near the Colosseum and had a quick look at part of the Forum before heading for the fountain.  This was a mistake as it was heaving with people and simply too crowded to be enjoyable.  After resting our minds in a huge and rather odd underground bookshop we headed for the Spanish Steps of which the only positive thing to be said was that there were a few gaps between the tourists where one could sit down.

Tomorrow we will try to find somewhere rather more off the beaten track!