Rome 2018 – Day 1

Well, here we are at the start of our “Roman Holiday”.  Our flight from Heathrow was slightly delayed but the promised taxi driver was waiting for us when we arrived.

The flat “El Case Di Rita” is in a large apartment block with several entrances and there was no sign if anyone to meet us or where exactly it was.  Fortunately, Mum speaks Italian and found a caretaker who took Dad to a local shop where the owner works.

About five minutes later an operative arrived to let us in.  The flat is clean and relatively spacious.  It is on the second floor and if you are feeling brave you can ascend in one of those old lifts that they used to fit into stairwells of old buildings with the stairs going round the lift shaft.

After a quick trip to a modest local supermarket we looked for somewhere to eat.  We settled on a  fish restaurant on the corner of the block but this wasn’t a good move.  To start with we discovered that the boss seemed to spend most of his time standing in the doorway smoking.

The starters were quite nice, but Sophia’s main coarse of meat balls was entirely raw.  We sent it back and then had to wait a long time for a replacement pasts dish.  Finally, when we came to pay they informed us that due to a technical fault they couldn’t accept card payments.  Due to Dad not listening to Mum’s advice before we left we didn’t have sufficient cash, so Dad had to walk a long way down the road to visit a money robot.

Let us hope that things improve tomorrow!