We often hear these days of the perils of obesity and that everyone needs to take more exercise. High tech solutions have been proposed to limit the rate at which people can eat, but here is a simple and cheap way to keep the waste line under control.

Fix your fork to the table with a short stout piece of elastic. Struggling to pull the fork to your mouth will not only slow down the rate of eating, but also provide invaluable exercise which is proportional to the amount of food consumed.


Snore Amplifier

I am sure, I am not the only one who, having woken up in the middle of the night for some internal or external reason, was unable to go back to sleep because of that well too familiar roaring sound coming from the nearby pillow. Sounds familiar? Then what you need is the anti-snore device called Snore Amplifier. Attach your mic to a pair of little headphones and the next time your other half starts to snore simply bring the latter to his/her mouth/nose while increasing the volume. Hmmm, perhaps, keeping the headphones in his/her ears is the tricky bit…
Note from DAD: Perhaps the entire contrivance could be secured in place with straps before dozing off.
Note from Gordon: What’s your problem? Just go sleep in the garden!

2011 Trip – Day 7

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
45.0 km 9.3 km/h 20.4 km/h

I was taken by Jussi to near Koti-Lahnanen to join the snow mobile trail. The journey North was uneventful apart from yet another snow free section, this time about 900m! I diverted to Tilsa for lunch and dropped my bag near the trail to lighten the load for that leg.

Headed North again and found a new trail leading through forest to Kortesuo swamps. It had just been driven by Jussi so it was easy going, but wet in places. It was a short run from there to Jänisvaara.

2011 Trip – Day 6

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
40.6 km 11.7 km/h 28.5 km/h

After a late start, Jussi drove me to a road crossing on the snow mobile trail near Saija.  The trail was in excellent condition.  I turned onto the lake and followed Asko sticks along Kylmäluomajarvi  to the laavu.  I then returned along the snow mobile trail.  I crossed Harjajarvi (turn right at big rock) and lunched at the kota.

The rest of the run was mostly OK, but about 300m of snowmobile trail had been swept near the quarry soon after the kota.

2011 Trip – Day 5

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
38.0 km 6.7 km/h 31.3 km/h

Note:  Max speed may actually be erroneous recording made whilst travelling in truck.

Gad, what a difficult day.  Jussi used his huge lorry to drive me to Timo’s mother’s cabin which certainly seemed very nice.  Jussi and Mrs Jussi headed off to open a trail across the lake, but just as I was about to set off and follow them they returned to say that there was too much water on the ice.  We therefore developed a “Plan B” which involved them driving me North to a bridge and then Jussi opening a track over to the snow mobile trail.

Jussi opened the track OK and I followed it to the kota at Kaakkurin lampi for lunch.  I then discovered that the snow mobile trail South from the kota was rarely used.  Jussi assured me by phone me that the trail would improve after Pylitys, but actually things got worse.  There was a 400 m section where the trail ran along a forest road which had been swept leaving a gravel surface.  I manoeuvred over this obstacle by taking some dogs on first whilst carrying some bags and then leading the remainder pulling the lightened sled.  This cost me a lot of time.

The trail got even worse with no sign that it had been driven for weeks and my average speed dropped to less than 5 km/h.  After Syvãojansuu the trail finally became invisible.  It was now getting dark so Jussi agreed to collect me at a point after Ahmo.  I finally got back to Jussi’s at 2310!

2011 Trip – Day 4

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
30.4 km 9.1 km/h 24.4 km/h

In the morning I saw an animal walking across the lake.  I speculated that it might be a fox and Timo later confirmed that this was the most likely.

I managed to leave Kÿlkeinen by 0930, but attempts to go South across Hämeenvaara proved impossible.  Eventually I returned to the kennels and dumped my bag.  I then headed to Jänisvaara for lunch and at about 1500 drove North to Juusi’s place which is very impressive with lots of potential but clearly still needs a lot of work.  Took the opportunity to have a shower.

Overall the dogs were reluctant to go when the snow was soft, but did better on firmer surfaces.

2011 Trip – Day 3

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
46.2 km 8.5 km/h 22.8 km/h

Left Jänisvaara at 1000 and headed for Kÿlkeinen.  The going for the last 2 km was extremely difficult.  The dogs went round the edge of the lake in deep snow and were all very tired by the time we arrived.

At 1600 I left towards Tilsa and then up the snow mobile trail which was firm but very rutted.  I returned down the Old Tilsa canyon.  The last few km were extremely slow going and I arrived back at Kÿlkeinen at about 2030.  Went to bed as soon as possible.

2011 Trip – Day 2

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
35.8 km 9.9 km/h 32.5 km/h

Conditions very poor.  The base of the snow has melted and the surface of many trails is prone to collapse.  I chose a trail through the forest and going was very slow.  I must only stick to the main trails when the sledge is heavy.

Lunch and siesta at Jänisvaara.  Timo dropped off a new gas cylinder.

The afternoon running was better, but the dogs were getting tired.  I went very close to Jussi’s place and travelled back mostly on snowmobile trails which were practically the only reliable routes.

In the evening I tried to read Alan’s unpublished book (Green & White).  I think it could be described as a bit of a curate’s egg.