2017 Trip – Day 8

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
13,2 km 13.5 km/h 25.7 km/h

Just time for a short run before going for the bus. Managed to leave by about 0945 and headed N up old Marco route to forest road, then back to main trail and S via Finn-Jann laavu.

Dogs seemed a bit reluctant, particularly Max who kept stopping and trying to turn back and I didn’t take Selimo as she had not been running too well yesterday. I think they definitely need a couple of days rest to get back into top form.

Arrived back at farm just as dogs were being harnessed for day trip. Packed, stuff, tried to pay Timo (card failed, will try again via bank transfer from home) and made it to the bus stop in plenty of time.

In Oulu, experimented with getting number 9 bus to airport rather than taxi. It departed a few minutes late and took quite a while to get there due to circuitous route via suburbs, but was quite a bit cheaper at €5.80.