2009 Trip – Day 7

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
38.3 km 11.1 km/h 26.0 km/h

A very difficult start with dogs reluctant to leave Jänisvaara towards power lines.  Storm was particularly bad and eventually I returned to the hut and left Storm.  The other dogs then went 200m and stopped before the Valtion-Metsala.  They could not be persuaded to go on.  Finally I returned to the hut and tried to make for the farm.  At this, the dogs started to run fine and so I decided to go North instead.  I covered some interesting loops including the eagle trail.

The guides told me that the dogs have stopped in the same place before for an unknown reason.  The consensus is that they can smell something, but no-one knows what.

A had lunch at Jänisvaara and then made a convoluted route back to the farm.