2009 Trip – Day 6

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
54.5 km 11.6 km/h 26.0 km/h

Weather warmer, but with snow.

Headed NW from Saija and then down to Hepokangas.  After driving around I tried to get to the Laavu for lunch.  As usual there was no trail leading to it and when I finally arrived by walking and leading the dogs along the edge of the river there was no wood.  Fortunately I had brought some from Saija.  I painfully cooked the frozen sausages and then headed back along the army road.

I met an angry skiing lady who told me that the sledge damaged the special ski track.  I told her to talk to Timo.  When I told Timo about this later it was clear that he had crossed swords with this lady before!

I got lost in a stupid forest trail near Jänisvaara and arrived just as it was getting dark.