2009 Trip – Day 3

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
25.5 km 13.7 km/h 29.3 km/h

Morning entirely spent fixing bag, loading sled and buying replacement thermals.  I went with Sonja to Taivalkoski where I paid €20 into the SIM card and got some new thermals.  I also visited a weird shop/museum and stopped for a brief cup of tea.

I finally set off after lunch.  Storm was again reluctant to start and barked for many km.  I arrived at Kÿlkeinen at dusk.  The hut was cold and as always impossible to heat quickly.  Timo has moved the kitchen again!

Sonja lent me her old phone, but when I got to the hut I discovered that it was flat, despite having been switched off.  Fortunately, mine still worked to send text messages.