2009 Trip – Day 2

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
44.2 km 14.3 km/h 29.3 km/h

This year’s team is:

Storm Paz
Homerun Bowie
Sven Gunner

Still no sign of missing bag, but the lantern has been found.  After the usual fuss to find things to take I left at about 1200.  Sonya and Lotta asked if they could come along too and they agreed that I should lead.  Visited Tilsa and Kÿlkeinen.  Sadly, at Tilsa on of Lotta’s dogs chewed my GPS case.  That evening, in what I can only describe as a sewing tour-de-force, Sonja made a new case which re-used the straps from the old one.

Timo’s son’s snow mobile broke down and I volunteered to help him retrieve it with the aid of a sledge on the back of his snow mobile.  The broken machine was 20km away and we didn’t get back until 0015.