Bigbury Day 5

We started the day with another windy walk along the beach, this time heading up-river.

As usual, the rocks sea heavy seas had dug large depressions around the rocks. It was interesting to observe how much these differed from one day to the next.

As we walked upstream there was more seaweed, presumably because the rocks are better protected from the heavy seas and this allowed some interesting rock pools to exist. We turned over a few rocks and found the odd small crag; then I moved a big bunch of seaweed and revealed a most impressive specimen!

  • Crab!

In the afternoon we drove over to have a walk near Salcombe. Parking in Salcombe seemed to be impossible. One car park was full of cars and the other full of boats. In addition, the Park and Ride wasn’t operating. Essentially, Salcombe is one of those places which doesn’t seem to want you to visit in a car. We drove out of the town and parked for free in a National Trust car park which was part way along the intended walk.

From the car we walked back into the town, had a look round and then walked back to the car as it was getting dark. There were some pleasant views, but Salcombe itself didn’t seem to be much to write home about (at least if you don’t own a boat).