Bigbury Day 1

The first day of our Devon holiday in Bigbury-on-Sea, much delayed from our original Easter booking which had to be re-scheduled due to the pandemic difficulty.

The weather was poor with strong winds and occasional rain but the view from the flat over the Avon estuary was still excellent. There were a lot of kite surfers in evidence and with the high winds they were going jolly fast.

We had a walk down to the beach below our flat which was an daunting 181 steps. The beach is sandy with large rocks and high cliffs. Fascinatingly, many of the rocks are a pale salmon pink colour which perhaps doesn’t show up too well in the photos.

After lunch we walked into the middle of the village and took a look at Burgh Island; perhaps we will go over and look round it later in the week. We then had a walk over to the Challaborough holiday park before returning to the flat.

  • Burgh Island

In the evening we took a short drive to have a look round the nearby village of Kingston.