Sedbergh – Day 3

Today I decided that I would walk to the top of Winder Fell which overlooks Sedbergh and looms over the cottage.  As I walked into town I passed an excellent tree stump sculpture of two owls which we had noticed being carved the day before.

A chainsaw carving.

The route I took to the top started by climbing up to the head of Settlebeck Gill.  Mostly this was not too strenuous although there were a couple of rocky stretches and the last few hundred metres was a stiff climb.  The path then joined one running along the col leading to the summit and this was easy going.

The weather was excellent and the views from the summit spectacular.  It was possible to see the cottage quite clearly and Mum and Sophia came out to wave.

View of the cottage from Wiinder Fell with Mum & Sophia standing in garden to left.

It was also possible to trace the course of the old railway line from the cottage all the way to the current mainline near the M6 motorway, including the Waterside and Ingleton viaducts.