MOT for the Fiesta

Time for the Fiesta’s MOT.  I put it off a bit this year as part of my scheme to move the MOT period into the summer (working on the car in the rain and cold is getting less pleasant).

Following my dissatisfaction with Graham Dimmer, I decided to try out Brunel Motors.  I wasn’t particularly impressed to start with as I was left hanging around in the reception for about 10 minutes while the chap behind the desk finished a very drawn out phone call.

However, they did the MOT and failed the car on three things:

  • Tyres – Both rear tyres had tears in them.  This is annoying as they still had quite a bit of tread.  It looks like a fault with the tyres as both had started to split in the same way and they were both fitted at the same time.
  • Disks – Had to come sooner or later as they are looking very worn.
  • Rear number plate – Been deteriorating for years.
  • There was also a long list of advisories including a hole in the sill.  Welding going to be needed.

Of course, the good news hear is that all three are easy to fix.  I have 10 days to get a free re-test but since I am going to Finland next week I shall need to get it sorted soon.