Gad, I hate working on car interiors

What I pain I have had trying to change my wing mirror.  My trusty Haynes manual says that first you must remove the passenger door panel.  Sadly, it doesn’t contain photos related to the passenger door, only the driver’s and rear doors.  However, the instruction and almost the same for both front doors.  So, it started by basically following the photos for the driver door and didn’t get anywhere.  I levered so hard I nearly snapped some of the plastic off.  Then it occurred to me that the passenger door looks more like the rear doors so I followed those photos and then I could make a start.  As is often the case with interior fittings, screws weren’t good enough and much of the fitting is via hidden plastic clips which won’t release until you are pulling so hard you think they are going to snap!

Anyway, after a great deal of cursing I got the panel off and managed to release the old wing mirror.  I fixed the new one with just one screw, plugged it in and tried to test the indicator lamp.  Of course, it doesn’t work!!!!!  Now, it might be that there is a general fault, but I don’t think so.  The electric mirror adjust works and there is the correct on-off voltage in the socket it plugs into.  It looks like the lamp is broken and now I’ll have to send it back!!