2011 Trip – Day 1

Distance Average Speed Max Speed
36.3 km 12.5 km/h 37.6 km/h

Limited sleep on train.  I had the compartment to myself until midnight and then they let some other bloke in.  There also seems to be a party in the adjoining compartment until 0200.

The Bus was OK and shortly after arriving I met Alan Kiff who had dropped in to see Timo.  Apparently they are now living in Lower Woodford.  Fixed up sled and sorted out dogs.  Timo predicted rain and was later proved right!

The Tilsa road was completely impassable as it had been strengthened with a thick layer of grit which had completely obliterated the remaining snow.  Tilsa was reached with difficulty.  I later went to the top of Jänisvaara hill and then back to kennels.  The continuous rain was very trying and made the trail almost impassible in places.