MoT at last

Following the problem with the used wing mirror I bought a new third party one.  For some loony reason it didn’t come with a mirror glass, but fortunately I could use the old one.  After a great deal of pain I managed to screw it on and re-fit the door panel and now I have an MoT.

I mentioned the concern other places had had about the exhaust fault to the MoT people and they were most dismissive.  I think I will investigate other MoT providers and see if I can get a better deal.

What Chekhov said

Нет того урода, который не нашел бы себе пары, и нет той чепухи, которая не нашла бы себе подходящего читателя.

There is no such freak that would not find his match and there is no such rot that would not find itself a matching reader.

Helsinki Trip – Day 2

For the second day of our trip Monika suggested that we visit the Finnish National Library.  This was not a destination we would normally have selected, but it was really a very interesting and recently restored building.

The first room you enter has a magnificent dome surrounding which are beautifully decorated arches.  Through a door is a three storey reading room.

In the central tower Monika found a heavy read…

Monika Heavy Read

…but Sophia found something rather lighter.

Sophia Hebrew

Whilst Marina went back to her University days.

Marina Psychology